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Komatsu PC75 Excavator Idler Wheel Komatsu Mini Excavator Undercarriage Parts

Komatsu PC75 Excavator Idler Wheel Komatsu Mini Excavator Undercarriage Parts
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Name: Komatsu PC75 Excavator Idler Wheel Komatsu Mini Excavator Undercarriage Parts
Warranty: 1 Year
Application: Crawler Excavator
Model: PC75
Heat Treatment: Quenching
Type: Excavator Undercarriage
Color: Black
Condition: 100%new
High Light:

idler wheel


heavy equipment undercarriage parts

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Xiamen, China
Brand Name: Echoo
Model Number: CAT345
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Standard wooden pallet
Delivery Time: 5 - 10 working days
Payment Terms: T/T , Western Union , Paypal , Western Union
Supply Ability: 100000 PCS / Month
Product Description

Komatsu PC75 front idler for excavator undercarriage parts


Product Description


Name : PC75 front idler
Color : black
Application : Excavator
Certification : ISO9001:2000
Warranty : 12 months
Condition : 100%new
Delivery : Within 10 Days
MOQ : 2 pcs
payment : T/T Western Union or MoneyGram



Models range

Brand Ref No Part No. Model Description
KOMATSU 201-30-00012   PC60-5 Idler Group
203-30-00133   PC100-5, 120-5,6 Idler Group
205-30-00182 KM1641 PC180-2, 200-3 Idler Group
20Y-30-00030 KM1642 PC200-5, 220-5 Idler Group
20Y-30-00321 KM3299 PC220-7,8, PC228 Idler Group
207-30-00071   PC300-1,2,3 Idler Group
207-30-00160 KM2018, KM1927 PC300, 280-3, 300-5 Idler Group
208-30-00070   PC400-3 Idler Group
208-30-00200 KM1973 PC400-5, PC400 Idler Group
101-30-61210X KM0914 D20 Idler Group
113-27-31320 KM0840 D31-17, D30, D37 Idler Group
128-04-0H92 IN3810 D39 Idler Group
124-30-00102 124-30-00103 D39E,P-21 D41E,P-6 Early S/N Idler Group
124-30-00105 124-30-00106 D41E,P-6 Late S/N Idler Group
134-30-00201 KM6100 D61E,P Idler Group
144-30-00038 KM834 D65 Idler Group
14X-30-00112 KM2107 D65-12, D85SS-2, D85ESS-12 Idler Group
17A-30-00040 KM836 D155 Idler Group
195-30-00283 KM837 D355 Idler Group
PC20 PC30 PC35 PC40-5 PC40-6 PC40-7/8 PC45 PC50 PC56-7 PC60-1 PC60-3/5/6/7 PC70-8 PC75 PC80 PC90-1 PC100-1/2/3 PC100-5 PC PC120-2 PC120-5/6 PC128US-2 PC130 PC130-7 PC140 PC150-3 PC200-1 /2/3/5/6/7 PC220-5/6/7 PC240-3 PC300-2/3/5/6/7 PC350 PC400-5/6 PC360-7 PC400-1/3/5 PC400-6 PC410 PC450-8 PC650 PC650-8 Track Roller
EX70 EX90 EX100 EX100-W/WD-2/2/3/4 EX120/-2/3/5 EX130 EX150 EX160WD EX200 EX200-1/2/3/5 EX210 EX220-1/3/7 EX220-2/5 EX225 EX240 EX270-1/5 EX280-1 EX300-1/2/3/5/6 EX320 EX330 EX350 EX400 EX400-5 UH03-3/5/7 UH04/2/5 UH05 UN055-7 UH06 UH07 ZAX60 ZAX70 ZAX120 ZAX200 ZX230 ZAX240 ZAX250 ZAX330 ZAX350 ZAX360 ZAX360 Track Roller
SK60 SK100 SK120-3/6 SK120LC SK200 SK200-5/6 SK210-8 SK230-6E SK250-6/8 SK300 SK320 SK330-6/8 SK350-6/8 SK400 SK450-6/8 SK480-6 Track Roller
R55-7 R60-5/7 R80-7/9 R85-7 R110 R130R150LC R200 R210 R215-7/9 R220 R225LC-7/9 R260-5 R265LC-7/9 R280 R290 R290LC-7 R300 R305LC-9 R320 R335LC-7/9 R375LC R385 R455 R485LC R505LC-7 R515LC-9T R805LC-7 R914B Track Roller
SH45 SH55 SH60 SH75-3 SH100 SH120 SH145U SH200 SH200A3 SH210 SH220 SH240 SH250 SH260 SH280 SH300 SH340 SH350 SH400 SH450 Track Roller
EC55BLC EC60 EX130 EC140B EC210B EC240B EC290B EC330 EC360 EC460B Track Roller
D20 D30 D31 D3B D3C D3D D40-1 D4C D4D D4H D5 D50 D5B D5H D5M D6B D6C D6D D6H D6R D65 D7 D7E D7F D7G D7R D80 D85-12 D85-18 D8L D8G D8H D8K D8N D8R D9L D9N D155 D155A-1 D155AX D275 D355 D355A-3 D375-2/3 Track Roller
E235B/B/D E245B/D E307 E311B E312C/CL E315C/CL E318B E320/320L E322 E325 E330 E350 E375 E450 Track Roller
CX130 CX210 CX240 CX240B CX460 Track Roller
JS130 JS200 JS220 JS240 JS330 Track Roller




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Komatsu PC75 Excavator Idler Wheel Komatsu Mini Excavator Undercarriage Parts 0




Q1 : What is the warranty? How do you ensure product quality?


A1 : We have certification of ISO9001:2008. Usually the warranty is 1 years. Besides there is a rigorous quality control system for all products, including material inspection, production management, finished products inspection and random inspection.


Q2 : What is the delivery time if I place an order?


A2 : It depends on your order quantity. If the products you need are in stock, we would arrange dispatch within 5 days after your depoist. If not, the delivery time can be negotiated.

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