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How to save fuel from your excavator?

April 29, 2019

Latest company news about How to save fuel from your excavator?

How to save fuel from your excavator?


Hello everyone, I am Richard from Echoo parts, we are focus on producing undercarriage parts for mini excavator.


Today, We will share how to save fuel from your excavator.


There are some tips as below:

1. Make your excavator work from high to low.

If you dig the lower part first, the time you dig with the stroke of the engine cylinder is longer than the time it takes to dig at the higher position, and the fuel consumption is increased with the stroke of the oil cylinder.


2. Dig range of bucket.

When the bucket oil cylinder and link rod are 90 °, the driving force of the oil cylinder is the largest. When digging the ground, the floor angle of the bucket and looser should be almost maintained at about 30 °. At this time, the bucket rod is the most labor-saving and the strength is the largest, be able to carry more load.

Don't pull link rod to the inside when you dig the earth, it will cause the excavating force getting smaller.


3. Don’t make your engine idling.

It will cause unnecessary waste. Engine idling is more harmful to the environment than normal working.


4. Avoid being overweight

The excavator is overweight when carry more sand and stone, it will be harmful to your machine and waste fuel.


5. Reduce the rotary angle of excavator to reduce the time of rotary



Any request for mini / heavy excavator undercarriage parts, please contact us in free time.


Echoo here to wait for helping all of our customers to reduce the machine downtime.


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